The aim of Hyakube is to place all 100 of your blocks onto the 10x10 grid, blocks can be placed anywhere, even if they would be in the way of already placed blocks. Every game is possible to beat!

Hyakube, a portmanteau of Hyaku (Japanese for 100) and Cube, is the result of the Weekly Game Jam, Week 100.  Including 4 (4 is 100 in binary) different modes, which are unlocked through playing the game.

I'm very happy with the game, although a very simple premise, I was able to get the game into a state that felt more polished and had more features than the bare minimum I'm used to achieving in more typical 48 hour jams.

Thanks for playing!

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Made withUnity


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Nice job! I unlocked all the modes.It was a little weird on the first section when I got a 96 but didn't unlock anything and then did get the unlock on a 93. 

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Thanks for playing! The unlocks are based on cumulative score, but I need to make that clearer. :)